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Family Exit Survey

Thank you for being a valued member of the Mission Possible community. We feel truly privileged to have cared for your child. 

We would like to invite you to fill out a short survey on your experiences. Any and all feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions for improvement are welcome. We want to make sure that our program is the best it can be for our families, and your feedback makes a difference. 

Thank you!

Please consider how you relate to the following statements:

I feel satisfied with the quality of the Mission Possible program for my child and my family.
I feel connected to my teacher.
Program administration is accessible and receptive to concerns, questions, and feedback.
As a parent, I feel welcome to visit the classroom at any time.
I feel satisfied with the care and nurturing my child has received at Mission Possible
I feel satisfied with the education, activities, and foundation being laid for my child's later education.
Mission Possible teachers recognize and meet my child's unique abilities, interests, and needs.

Thanks for submitting!

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