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At Mission Possible Montessori, we understand the importance of demonstrating love and respect for children and are committed to modeling the values of honesty, integrity, and courtesy. We are trained in the skill of child observation to create individualized education paths for each child and have completed extensive training in the Montessori method at multiple age levels.


Our education programs are carefully designed to prepare students for further studies and life.  We encourage independence, self-direction, and making appropriate choices.  We teach children to value their relationship with their living world and each other. Mission Possible Montessori School is a close-knit community of students, educators, parents, and community partners.


We hope to aid our students in becoming individuals who can establish healthy relationships and achieve happiness in their personal lives. We give them tools to solve conflicts effectively and fairly and to express their feelings healthily.  


Our program is organized in a thematic and integrated approach with organized series of lessons and key presentations that are carefully created to meet the needs and interests of each child based on readiness, desire, and his or her unique stage of development. Lessons or experiences given clearly and concretely in the early years are re-introduced several times over succeeding years with increasing levels of difficulty and abstraction.  At all age levels, the teacher is a guide who works to inspire further study and the discovery of connections through meaningful activity. 



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