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Mission Possible Early Education Center

Our early education program now has a home of it's own! With an expansion in fall of 2023, our licensed early education center now accepts ages 9 months - 5 years old! 

Playing with Toys


Welcome to our Montessori Infant Haven! We're delighted to introduce babies aged 9 to 18 months to the beginning of their Montessori journey in this nurturing and loving environment. Our caring Montessori educators will gently guide your little ones, fostering their curiosity and self-confidence as they take their first steps of exploration. From sensorial experiences to language-rich interactions, our focus is on creating a safe and joyful space for their early growth and development. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary adventure together, laying the foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning and discovery.



Welcome to the vibrant world of our Montessori Toddler Community! Here, inquisitive minds aged 19 months to 3 years take the next exciting step in their journey of exploration and growth. Led by our dedicated Montessori educators, your toddlers will flourish as they delve into hands-on activities, immerse themselves in language-rich interactions, and master practical life skills. Our safe and stimulating space encourages their natural curiosity and nurtures their love for learning. Embrace this wonderful phase of discovery with us, as we empower your toddlers to become confident, independent, and enthusiastic learners, setting the stage for a lifetime of joyful exploration.



Welcome to our Montessori Primary Adventure, where young learners aged 3 to 5 years step into a world of boundless possibilities! In this dynamic and purposefully prepared environment, we celebrate the wonder of discovery and the joy of learning. Our passionate Montessori educators are devoted to guiding your children on their educational journey, providing a rich array of materials and experiences to foster their academic, social, and emotional growth. From language development and mathematics to practical life skills and cultural exploration, our primary classroom becomes a vibrant hub of curiosity and creativity. Embrace this exciting chapter with us, as we lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and a future filled with endless potential.


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