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Primary Program

PRIMARY | 3-6 yrs

Classroom Structure:

The primary classroom is designed to promote independence, exploration, and learning. Our classroom is carefully prepared with materials that are specifically chosen to meet the developmental needs of children in this age group. Children work at their own pace and choose activities that interest them, giving them a sense of ownership over their learning experience.

Our Montessori primary classroom is a multi-age environment, which means that children of different ages work and learn together. This provides an opportunity for younger children to learn from their older peers and for older children to reinforce their learning by helping younger children. The teacher acts as a guide, offering individualized support and encouragement as children engage in hands-on, self-directed learning.

The classroom is divided into different areas, each designed to promote specific skills and learning experiences. These areas include practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, culture, and science. Children are free to move between these areas and select activities that appeal to them, helping to develop their interests and skills.

In our primary classroom, children are encouraged to develop self-discipline, concentration, and respect for themselves and others. We believe that this approach to learning helps to foster a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their lives.



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