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Mission Possible Montessori seeks to create a learning environment that is conducive to the unique development of each child and strives to provide an educational experience that meets academically rigorous standards. Our curriculum and philosophy provide developmentally appropriate environments with engaging lessons & activities that will give your child the foundation for a lifetime of learning.


Small group sizes allow our educators to focus on enhancing your child's learning and self-confidence 


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At Mission Possible Montessori, we strive to offer a traditionally prepared Montessori environment in the cozy atmosphere of a residential setting. Our staff is Montessori trained with a thorough understanding and application of Montessori methods. Additionally, we are knowledgeable in health, safety, and developmentally appropriate practices.

As an early learning center, our program is curriculum-based. The inclusive Montessori classroom provides lessons in Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Cultural, and Science. We also offer art and culinary activities as children's abilities progress.

We promote an environment of peace, respect, integrity, and community engagement. Opportunities are regularly provided for children to participate in charitable events throughout the community. We have even established a charity (Mission Possible Charity) and engage in monthly fundraising and philanthropic activities, including donating gift baskets, hygiene kits, Bibles, and birthday boxes to the local shelters, group homes, and food banks. We aim to keep projects and participation child-based as we value the impact the hands-on contributions make for the child's understanding of civic engagement.


Interested in learning more about Mission Possible Montessori? Contact us to learn more about our values, academics, community, and more. Like us on Facebook to see school developments and to follow our informative feed.

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